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Paul Gilman

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Prof. Paul Gilman received his black belt under Checkmat through Professor Jeff Calma in 2019. Since, 2020 he has been under Professor Raphael Formiga Barbosa of Double Five. He started Jiujitsu in 2008 under Professor Sung Min Cho who is currently a black belt under Over Limit Jiujitsu Association.

My Story

Spent most of my adult life teaching English in South Korea where I earned my brown belt under Professor Sung Min Cho from 2008 to 2017. Having wrestled collegiately, grappling came easy but Jiujitsu was a whole different animal and by 2018 I dedicated myself to training day and night with a few schools; Mohler MMA, Jiujitsu Tech and finally Checkmat Philippines where I received my black belt from Professor Jeffery Calma. Currently, I train with Double Five Highland Village under Professor Raphael Barbosa. 

I finally found my calling and decided to open a Jiujitsu Academy in Argyle, TX, during the pandemic of 2020. With a lot of work and dedication our school has grown and our community has really embraced Jiujitsu. As of 2022 we are thriving and our kids and adult programs are producing some amazing jiujitsu competitors and hobbyist. I'm very proud and honored to be sharing my journey here in Argyle.